Take control over the forces of the universe to help a group of cows that inhabit a small planet, and keep them safe from all the dangers in a dreamy galaxy.

  •  Protect the cows from enemies, meteors, and other dangers.
  • 3 gameplay types: Time restricted, Waves, and puzzle.
  • Use rocks, meteors, ice, voids as powerups to destroy the threats.
  • Non-standard gameplay in which you use a swipe mechanic to control your planet and make use of nature’s power.
  • Unlock many different types of cows for personalization.

Celleste provides a unique god experience by mixing action and puzzle elements in a universe with great aesthetics. You must master your reflexes to protect several cows around the small planet and you are able to strategize by using different devastating powerups.

Team involved in Celleste Development

Game Director – Gerardo Basurto

Game Producer – Stephanie Prodanovich

Lead Artist – El Joven Paul

Lead Programmer – José Medina

3D Art – Chris Albeluhn, Fabián Hernández, Octavio Castro, Brenda Esquivel

Music – “La Buena Bestia”

Sound Effects – “93 Steps”