We are an independent venture founded in 2012 with a strong desire to create top quality digital games that amaze critics and players. Inspired by replicating sensations of film, art and music, we capture rich ideas in narrative, art and design and turn them in interactive experiences using the latest and more powerful technologies in the gaming industry.

Our strengths can be listed as:

  •  Experience on console and 3D game development.
  • Experience on mobile and web development, which includes post-launch maintenance and porting.

  • Multidisciplinary team, with backgrounds in philosophy/anthropology/psychology research, music, cinematography and social media.

Why call it “Elevator Games”?

Literally speaking An elevator or lift is a vertical transport system designed to move people or goods between different levels. It can be used either to ascend or descend in a building or underground construction.

We like to see the elevator as a transitional space, a limited physical room that symbolically represents to us the human mind and society. Just as the elevator ascends or descends through the floors, mind and society have levels of complexity that we seek to discover, represent and share through interactive experiences.

The elevator and the potential places it takes are narrative spaces where a thousand fictions may take place. You enter the elevator as an act of faith, but, do you really know where it will take you?